Blog 5 Social Media Case Studies for Small and Large Business

A frequently asked question at the moment is “How can social media benefit my business”. One of the best ways to answer this is to look at case studies of businesses that have used Social Media strategies as part of their marketing.

"social media adoption by small businesses has doubled from
12% to 24% in the last year(US)" University of Maryland

Crème Brulee Cart

A street food cart owned by a former construction worker Curtis Kimball has over 12,000 twitter followers. The challenge that faced Curtis was how would customers know where his cart would be at any given time. He also uses twitter to let people know what flavour he is currently serving
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Baby Sitters Directory

Ann Nolan created Baby Sitters Directory in 2008 after finding it hard to access baby sitters online. It has since grown to be Australia’s number 1 babysitter directory and has the most social online babysitter/nanny community. This article includes an Interview with Ann on how small business can use social media.
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Teusner Wines – 10,000 followers on twitter

With three employees Teusner Wines is a small winery in the Barossa Valley. Dave Brokkes(the marketing department) began using twitter to help promote their wines. He relised that its not about the hard sell but building relationships and getting people to talk about their wines.
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Dairy Queen

Being a brand that is social by nature, Dairy Queen realised the potential of social media to humanise their brand and connect to customers. Their strategy includes, Blogs(50,00 visitors), Podcasting, Facebook(over 1.5million Fans), Twitter(8,000 followers), and Mobile Devices.
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Starbucks – 12million+ Fans

Starbucks has one of the most successful social media strategies with over 12 million facebook fans and almost 1 million twitter followers. Starbucks offer exclusive promotions, engage customers and spread news. They are one of the first major brands to use FourSquare to offer discounts to mayors of their retail stores. Starbucks are also incorporating traditional marketing with social media.
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As with any marketing it is important to have a set of objectives and goals before jumping in and setting up your social media. Remember unlike traditional marketing social media is a 2 way communication so for it to be successful you need to be contributing something to the community.

BTW here's how not to do it – Toyota and Saatchi & Saatchi

McDonalds Foursquare Campaign

Another one I just came across where McDonalds increased foot traffic by 33% for a mere $1000 Foursquare campaign.